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Atlas 3D

Automatically Trigger Location and Supports for 3D Printing

Atlas 3d

A plug-in for CAD for 3D Printing

The software automatically generates parametric designs of functional support structures for metal alloy feedstocks for 3D Printing. Specifically, the plugin orientates your model based on heat transfer and expert knowledge using algorithms for the best cost effective build. The software is used for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Printers to inform the user and then automatically recommend the optimal part orientation and the designs for optimized supports.

Why Atlas 3D?

  • Currently during part builds, support structures are not only essential to laying part foundations and providing structural support, but also are critical to eliminating part warp during powder recoating and improving heat extraction. However, few rules exist for designing support structures. Moreover, while AM machine tool software packages have the ability to add support structures, these existing capabilities are fairly primitive, not taking into consideration part orientation, distortion, or heat extraction uniformity.

    Atlas3D takes care of all that for you.

Atlas 3D is an Additive Manufacturing Platform


User friendly interface CAD users are already familiar with

Better Results

Design and build in the same environment for less defects and better results


Current metal feedstock options:
Aluminum (AlSi10Mg)
Stainless Steel (SS-316L)
Stainless Steel (SS-174)
Titanium (Ti 6Al-4V)
and more