We built an “Easy Button” for 3D Printing Designers

Sunata™ by Atlas 3D

Sunata™, Atlas 3D’s cloud-based software, automatically chooses the best orientation for your part and generates the necessary support structures for your successful additive manufacturing build.

This ITAR compliant service is used for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Printers.

Don’t just simulate it, SUNATA™ it!

Additive Manufacturing Made Easy


Sunata™ automatically orients parts AND generates the necessary support structures.


View thermal displacement for minimum distortion, support volume, support removal, and build time.


Sunata™ analyzes over 100 orientations and gives you the optimization logs.


View accurate print cost estimates so you get successful prints the first time, EVERY time.

Why Sunata™?

It eliminates the “black art” circle plaguing design engineers