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Atlas 3D Sunata is Now GPU Enabled for 3D Printing Simulation

Metal Additive Manufacturing isn’t cheap. Machines cost millions and the materials can cost thousands of dollars per kilogram. Failed builds are not welcome. Atlas 3D has the solution for this with Sunata and it’s now faster with GPU processing now enabled.

“Atlas 3D has democratized the black art of additive manufacturing by providing our customers with the answer to the questions, ‘How do I orient this part and how do I support it?”
— Chad Barden (CEO of Atlas3D)

In the graph below you can see the effect in some detail. The chart shows two lines, one (blue) representing the processing time required when using a single CPU, and the other (orange) line representing the time required when work is dispatched to the GPU. Three examples appear in the chart: a 30mm object with low complexity; a 180mm object with medium complexity and a 400mm object with high complexity. As you can see, the single CPU’s resource needs grow almost exponentially as the complexity and size rise. However, when using the GPU the elapsed processing time is mostly the same, regardless of the complexity or size of the object:
Atlas 3D Speed


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