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Atlas 3D Sunata is Now GPU Enabled for 3D Printing Simulation

Metal Additive Manufacturing isn’t cheap. Machines cost millions and the materials can cost thousands of dollars per kilogram. Failed builds are not welcome. Atlas 3D has the solution for this with Sunata and it’s now faster with GPU processing now enabled. “Atlas 3D has democratized the black art of additive manufacturing by providing our customers […]

Sunata™ Now GPU Enabled

Atlas 3D’s Sunata software is now GPU enabled. The results: Computations are sometimes 20 times faster than by using the basic CPU of your computer. Head over to Fabbaloo to read a complete write-up about the new feature.     Click Here to Read the full post about Sunata.

New Sunata Features Highlighted on the Fabbaloo Blog

Fabbloo recently released a blog post highlighting Atlas 3D’s new features. The article highlighted Distortion Compensation and Intelligent Nesting, two new features Sunata™ now offers.     Click Here to Read the full article.

New Sunata Feature – Nesting

Sunata™, the fastest and most accurate software tool in addressing thermal distortion in metal additive, now intelligently NESTs jobs!   What it does Users can now use Sunata™ to intelligently nest their jobs by: Prioritizing geometries on the build plate Optimize the entire build plate for a single factor Minimum Thermal Distortion Minimum Build Time […]